GIFs in Microsoft Teams not just annoying, actively dangerous

Almost each and every office chat has that just one human being who considers by themselves a bit of a GIF lord. If you might be lucky, your place of work may actually have just one. Another person who nails the fantastic reaction GIF each time, brightening your day and the days of all other individuals in the channel. Much more likely you have a person who replies to everything with strange disagreeable GIFs and considers it their life’s campaign to law enforcement the pronunciation of the structure.

Nicely no matter of legendary status, it can be time to solid a wary glare more than people GIF content coworkers. Bleeping Computer system (opens in new tab) tells of an exploit in Microsoft Teams that works by using GIFs to likely set up malicious documents, carry out instructions, and even extract information by way of these enjoyable relocating images. Yeah that random and totally out of area reaction GIF Blimothy posted very last 7 days won’t seem to be so innocuous now, does it.

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