Genshin Impact Seelie pet: How to get the Mini-Seelie

The Genshin Influence Seelie pet is back again for a confined time. These pleasant, floating, orb-like creatures are a enjoyable addition to your social gathering if you really don’t now have 1, due to the fact when geared up, they’re going to stick to your active character, building noises and bobbing all-around. Although they never give any reward, it is really good to have a very little low maintenance shoulder pet.

When Inazuma dropped in edition 2., we received a new purple Seelie to healthy with the Electro Archon’s area, so this time there is a new environmentally friendly Dendro Seelie to go well with Sumeru’s lush rainforests and plantlife. In this Seelie pet guideline, I will describe how to unlock this floating companion as part of the Lost Riches event.

Genshin Effect Lost Riches: How to get the Seelie pet 

Genshin Impact Seelie pet - Ullman talking about treasure

(Image credit rating: miHoYo)

The only way to get a Seelie pet in Genshin Influence is through the Missing Riches function, which sees you assistance Ullman lookup for Ancient Iron Coins using a treasure-looking for Seelie. There is commonly one of these events each and every time a new region is included, so if you don’t grab a Seelie now, you could be waiting a complete yr right until the future.

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