EVGA is reportedly so sick of working with Nvidia that it’s going to stop making graphics cards altogether

1 of the most important makers of Nvidia-based graphics playing cards won’t be making them anymore: EVGA has decided not to make online video playing cards with Nvidia’s subsequent era of GPUs, the RTX 40-sequence, reports analyst Jon Peddie (opens in new tab). The news is even bigger than that, however: Talking to Gamers Nexus (opens in new tab), EVGA CEO Andrew Han mentioned that the California-dependent business is just not just skipping the future technology of Nvidia chips, but will “entirely end” creating graphics playing cards going forward.

EVGA has been generating graphics playing cards because it was founded in 1999, going all the way back to Nvidia’s RIVA TNT2 chips, but Han “would not even entertain the plan of working with Intel or AMD” to continue developing cards, claims Avid gamers Nexus.

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