Elden Ring: Where to Find All Starlight Shards

Starlight Shards are among the the rarest consumables in Elden Ring, rivaled only by Larval Tears, Celestial Dew, and a handful of many others. Their scarcity is possibly a superior point. Making use of one particular presents you quite a few minutes of frequent FP regeneration, allowing for you to cast spells and use Ashes of War considerably extra usually than or else supposed.

These kinds of a mechanic can get you out of a limited place or give you an sudden benefit in PvP, but you are going to require to choose when you use Starlight Shards carefully, as the moment you acquire all of them, you can have to start a new playthrough to get any extra. Listed here are the areas of just about every Starlight Shard in the Lands Concerning.

How to Get Starlight Shards in Elden Ring and Their Locations

There are only 23 Starlight Shards available in all of Elden Ring, although if you go into New Video game Plus, all the things resets, and you can go on accumulating them. There are a utmost of two per main zone, with none in any of the underground locations or the Consecrated Snowfield/Haligtree degrees. There are also no Shards in Crumbling Faram Azula because of to that area’s modest dimension.

We’ll listing just about every Starlight Shard by its locale, in the order you are possible to find them. Take note that practically all Starlight Shards you locate in the overworld will be upcoming to 50 %-moon altars. The only kinds that split this rule are those you find at the Moonlight Altar reachable by means of Ranni’s questline.

Limgrave Starlight Shard 1

You will come across the 1st Starlight Shard in the southern portion of Limgrave. It really is atop a cliff in close proximity to the ruins east of the South Agheel Lake Web site of Grace and the Forlorn Hound’s Evergaol. As with practically all the Shards shown listed here, it can be in the vicinity of a cliffside.

Limgrave Starlight Shard 2

The next collectible on this checklist is in the Stormhill location in the north of Limgrave. Starting up from the Stormhill Shack Web site of Grace, head west until finally you access the cliffs, then switch south. There is a little jutting cliff on the southwesternmost edge, the place you will locate the Shard.

Weeping Penninsula Starlight Shard 

The single Starlight Shard in the Weeping Peninsula is on the japanese hill in the vicinity of the Increase. The simplest way to get there is to get the Castle Morne Rampart Internet site of Grace about midway to the castle alone, then turn around and go north up the path to the hill. At the time atop the hill, switch all-around and head southeast towards the japanese cliffs. You really should see the 50 percent-moon altar from a lengthy way away.

Liurnia of the Lakes Starlight Shard

You’ll will need to seize the Academy Glintstone Vital for the simplest path to the Liurnia Starlight Shard. Use it to entry the Academy Principal Gate Internet site of Grace, then acquire the portal north throughout the broken bridge. Once you are on the northeastern section of the area, convert south and head together the aspect hill previous the Divine Tower. Decide up the Artist’s Shack Internet site of Grace as you journey.

The Starlight Shard is on the western cliffs across from the small forest specifically south of the Carian Study Hall.

Caelid Starlight Shard 1

No Elden Ring playthrough would be the identical devoid of a journey to the hellhole that is Caelid, and there are two Starlight Shards to collect in this article.

The 1st is on the southwestern cliffs, practically right south of in which you enter the zone from Limgrave. Use the Caelid Freeway South Web page of Grace as a marker and go straight west from there. You need to see the 50 %-moon altar from afar.

Caelid Starlight Shard 2

The Next item is a short distance from the Church of the Plague you get to as element of Millicent’s questline. You can both head south from Greydoll’s Dragonbarrow or north from Sellia, City of Sorcery. If you choose the latter, you can expect to want to not only break the seal on the Town’s northern exit but also dodge giant steel balls.

Dragonbarrow Starlight Shard Spot

The sole Starlight Shard in Greydoll’s Dragonbarrow is not significantly to the southeast of the Bestial Sanctum exactly where Gurranq, the Beast Clergyman, lives. Teleport to the Sanctum Web site of Grace and head southeast to the cliffs. You need to see the altar from very some distance away.

Altus Plateau Starlight Shard Location

The only fragment in Altus Plateau is at its northernmost issue behind the Shaded Castle. From the Grand Lift of Rold or the Erdtree Gazing Hill Sites of Grace, just take the reduce path north until you access the castle. Really don’t go into the castle grounds. Instead, head all around the west side of the partitions and circle all around to the castle’s back again. The altar is tough to miss out on alongside the northern cliffs.

Mt. Gelmir Starlight Shards Place 1

On your way to Volcano Manor, you can arrive throughout the to start with Shard on Mt. Gelmir. At the time you attain the Ninth Mt. Gelmir Campsite Web-site of Grace with the Spiritspring and ladder close by. Acquire either to the Totally-grown Fallingstar Beast’s arena. The altar is on the arena’s western edge, so either prevent the boss or defeat it for access.

Mt. Gelmir Starlight Shard Place 2

To get to the next fragment on Mt. Gelmir, you will require to get to the Seethewater River through the Altus Plateau. Head northwest from the Wyndham Ruins and take the river all the way all-around, earlier the Magma Wyrm you may defeat as component of Alexander’s questline, to Primal Sorcerer Azur. The Starlight Shard is southeast of the sorcerer on the cliffs exterior the Demi-human Queen arena.

Mountaintops of the Giants Starlight Shard Location 1

The first of the two Starlight Shards in the Mountaintops of the Giants is in the far northwest of the zone. The simplest way to obtain it is to head right north to the Castle Sol Major Gate Website of Grace, then head almost specifically west from there. Comply with the western cliffs right until you enter the Death Ceremony Fowl earth boss area, and the altar really should be overlooking the cliffside. Possibly defeat the manager or reload the place to securely acquire the Shard.

Mountaintops of the Giants Starlight Shard Area 2

The 2nd item is on the japanese cliffs of the Mountaintops, particularly the giants’ graveyard portion. The greatest route is to get the Foot of the Forge Web page of Grace, then head northeast to the cliffs at the edge of the area. The altar is guarded by giant hand enemies but is effortless sufficient to spot.

The remaining 11 Starlight Shards occur directly from questlines or quest parts. If you abide by Ranni’s quest, you’ll at some point make your way to the Cathedral of Manus Celes on the Moonlight Altar. There are 10 Starlight Shards scattered around the ruined church.

The last Starlight Shard is section of Sorceress Sellen’s quest, which she’ll give you when you give her the locale of Primeval Sorcerer Lusat (it truly is in a concealed Catacomb called Sellia Hideaway in Caelid).

And with that, you have the location of all the Starlight Shards in Elden Ring. As there are only 23 accessible, use them wisely until eventually you prepare to go deep into New Game Plus cycles. For more Elden Ring information, check out our guides to the place of all the Famous Armaments, Corhyn and Goldmask’s questline, and how to conquer Mohg, Lord of Blood. Our Elden Ring guides hub has tons much more.

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