Dota 2’s 2022 TI11 prize pool surpasses $7 million, trails TI9 and TI10 in early totals

The Intercontinental 2022 prize pool has officially surpassed the $7 million mark in just above 24 hrs given that the release of the 2022 Dota 2 fight pass, but that figure and timeframe really don’t tell the complete story. 

Though achieving that milestone in barely a day is remarkable, the fact is Valve has viewed this exact achievement two times prior to, in equally 2019 and 2021. 

The TI11 fight move is already sitting as the 11th maximum esports prize pool of all time and will probable effortlessly crack into the major 10 by the start out of subsequent week, in accordance to Esports Earnings. But projections at the moment have it falling limited of the prior two TI totals. 

As of 7pm CT on Sept. 2, TI11 sits at a prize pool of $7,152,714 and climbing. That things in Valve’s default foundation full of $1.6 million and the contributed $5,552,714 from 25 per cent of whole latest battle pass investing. At that same just one day, 3.5 hrs past struggle move start, TI9 had $7.58 million and TI10 had about $8.3 million in the bank—ending at $34,292,599 and $40,018,195 respectively. 

Screengrab by way of Dota 2 Prize Tracker

That does not look that terrible on very first viewing considering the fact that there is normally a likelihood TI11’s struggle go income could proceed to rise and will possible see a spike someplace down the line when Valve pushes additional Amount Bundles are living on Steam. Having said that, the actual problem will come with how a lot time is remaining on the clock. 

While TI9 and TI10 both of those saw their struggle passes launching at various instances in Might and managing perfectly by means of the Summer months, TI11’s only launched on Sept. 1 and won’t have as lengthy to create momentum. This is owing to Valve splitting the 2022 fight pass into two pieces and only applying that normal 25 percent invest in spend in for the prize pool to Portion I. 

Element I is established to finish on Nov. 2, just a few days right after TI11 ends on Oct. 30. The moment that segment of the battle move ends, no added resources will be included to the event’s prize pool. This signifies that, as an alternative of effectively over 3 months, TI11 only has two whole months to attempt and keep up with its predecessors. 

There is a Part II for the battle go that will start on Nov. 3 and run via Jan. 12, but that has no incentives for the aggressive community tied to it. 

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Just dependent on quantities, there is still a possible opportunity that TI11 usurps TI9 for the next-largest esports prize pool of all time. But unless of course a thing big alterations to generate sales at a substantially increased price for various months, it appears to be like Dota’s 10-yr streak of 1-upping alone at just about every TI will end with TI10.

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