Dota 2 community reaches Valve, caster’s voice lines are safe from gacha mechanics

Just in excess of 24 hours after including nevertheless a different new beauty set to Dota 2, Valve is now backtracking to a prior distribution system mainly because followers and talent alike had been not eager to offer with but another weak endeavor to gamify the unlocking approach.

This new update revolved all over Talent Stickers, an addition to the previous Team and Player Autograph Sticker Capsules that particularly pertain to the talent hosting and casting The International 2022 during Oct. Just about every Sticker arrives in 1 of 4 distinct variants and has voice lines from just about every expertise, with a part of each individual capsule acquire supporting them as well. 

As opposed to in previous a long time, the place an autograph was produced readily available to obtain on its possess, these Expertise Stickers have been only available as random drops via the capsules, this means you experienced to primarily gamble your cash in hopes of acquiring the stickers and voice traces they preferred. Oh, and only Holo or Gold excellent stickers gave the voice lines, meaning you have a lot less than a two % shot at grabbing the types you want.

Valve pointed out that the mass backlash and “unhappiness with the product” drove the rapid final decision to pivot back again to a direct obtaining model. That transform was heavily questioned by admirers and the talent themselves with a lot of expressing just how upset they ended up on social media and to Valve directly, along with sharing memes. 

Valve pointed out that the mass backlash and “unhappiness with the product” drove the brief conclusion to pivot again to a immediate getting model.

“Our intention was to create a powerful process that allowed supporters to hook up with their beloved talent in a distinctive way than in prior decades, and we fell shorter of that aim. We are sorry for that and we intend to correct it,” Valve said

The capsules for Stickers will remain offered in the in-recreation store, however, soon after discussions with the expertise encompassing the inadequate implementation, a direct obtain selection is also currently being built offered for voice lines.

By that immediate purchase, 50 percent of the full amount of money will go exclusively to that talent instead than a pool. All these voice lines will be permanently usable whether they had been acquired via stickers or specifically procured.

This choice is now available in the Expertise part of the struggle move, even though this entire debacle only further exemplifies an ongoing problem with this year’s offerings and final decision-making.

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