DLSS Was Successfully Modded into Judgment, Replacing FSR

When modder PotatoOfDoom first released his Cyberpunk 2077 mod that replaces NVIDIA DLSS with AMD FSR 2., we reached out and asked if the reverse could be completed for game titles that assist AMD’s technology relatively than NVIDIA’s. The reaction was beneficial – PotatoOfDoom believed it could be accomplished. We ended up skeptical, assuming it could not be finished without having the education portion of the device mastering approach.

Even so, a several hours back, PotatoOfDoom uploaded an NVIDIA DLSS mod for Judgment, the 2018 activity produced by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio that was produced this 7 days on Computer together with its sequel, Misplaced Judgment. As we observed in our port report, both equally games help AMD FSR 1. and FSR 2., but no DLSS. With this mod, DLSS replaces FSR 2.. To make it operate, observe the creator’s guidelines outlined below.

How to use:
* Set the in-game FSR 2. preset to your most well-liked DLSS placing. (All DLSS presets correspond 1:1 to the FSR 2. presets)
* Participate in Judgment with DLSS

* Extract the Archive so all DLL files (ffx_fsr2_api_x64.dll, FSR2DLSS_Loader.asi, nvngx_dlss.dll and winmm.dll) are in the exact folder as the Judgment.exe file.

* Eliminate all added DLL information

* For the reason that I can!
* DLSS might seem far better on your GPU.
* DLSS may use a lot less energy than FSR on your Notebook.

Acknowledged concerns:
* Altering the resolution or the DLSS manner, however, breaks this mod. For that reason often change the resolution in advance of you permit this mod. If you accidentally change the resolution later on, you will have to restart the video game to continue on taking part in.

We haven’t been able to attempt it ourselves yet, but this could open up up comparable mods for other video games that only help FSR. Even though most game titles help both of those technologies, there are a few exceptions, this kind of as the Soulslike Thymesia, the co-op FPS Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, the horror activity The Bridge Curse: Highway to Salvation, and the VR title Shibainu: VR Katana Simulator.

Other upcoming titles have only introduced FSR 2. assistance, these types of as Asterigos: Curse of the Stars, Forspoken, Grounded, Lies of P, Job Haven, Scorn, The Callisto Protocol, and Unknown 9: The Awakening. All of these games could use an FSR to DLSS mod.

PotatoOfDoom is also preparing to integrate Intel XeSS when it is launched, making matters even extra interesting for upscaling technologies.

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