Disney Dreamlight Valley: With Great Power Quest Walkthrough Guide

When Disney Dreamlight Valley has a whole lot in prevalent with Animal Crossing, its quest system offers it a a lot more strong tale. You may acquire masses of friendship quests from a variety of figures, and there are a handful of main story quests that assist open up up new regions and people. A person of the extra involved early quests is named “With Fantastic Electric power,” which Merlin provides to you soon just after you open up Dazzle Seaside.

This Disney Dreamlight Valley guideline will stroll you through each individual stage of the quest, from opening up Dazzle Beach front to offering remedies for just about every of the four puzzles you are going to have to remedy. 

How to Total the With Wonderful Energy Quest

Unlocking Dazzle Seashore costs 5,000 Dreamlight, so you may need to have to comprehensive some responsibilities beforehand if you never have that substantially. As soon as you’ve got unlocked the beach front, chat to Merlin to begin the With Great Ability quest, which tasks you with investigating a mysterious cave.

To get to the first cave in the quest, head to the eastern aspect of Peaceful Meadow, and go down the entrance to the seashore. Then head to your left and all around the little sandbar to see the cave crammed with darkness in close proximity to the shore. 

Head within, and speak to Ursula, who will give you a Crystal Vital and inform you about the Mystical Cave you should look into. Exit Ursula’s cave, turn proper, and head straight towards the wall, just to the still left side of the entrance you used to get to Dazzle Beach. You can expect to see a doorway and a podium versus the wall, which is where by you place the Crystal Critical.

Now head inside of and get all set to resolve a handful of puzzles. 

Statue Puzzle Resolution

Abide by the path into the cave, and you will attain to a blocked doorway with a few statues and a tablet you can examine. The tablet reads: “Supply the gem that matches most effective to continue on your hero’s quest.” You must acquire a few specific gems to insert into the statue of the corresponding shade:


  • Blue Statue: Aquamarine.&#13

    • Mined from rocks in Dazzle Seashore and Forest of Valar.
    • &#13


  • &#13

  • Environmentally friendly Statue: Peridot.&#13

    • Mined from rocks in Dazzle Seaside and Peaceful Meadows.
    • &#13


  • &#13

  • Purple Statue: Garnet.&#13

    • Mined from rocks in Peaceful Meadows and the Plaza.
    • &#13


  • &#13

It is really a superior strategy to grab a pal that has the mining ability, then head to these locations and mine the black rocks against the partitions. When you’ve mined a rock, it will respawn in approximately 4-5 minutes, so you can loop back to consider at the time once more if you did not get the stones the 1st time.

With the gems in hand, head again to the cave and set them in the right statue slots, then continue down the ramp to the following puzzle. 

Crop Puzzle Alternative

The tablet at this puzzle reads: “Uncover the appropriate crops to improve to keep on on underneath. One particular is underground, the other gold and brown. What stays is red and spherical.”

To fix this puzzle, you do not need to put the crops in a particular buy. As a substitute, you only need to have to expand all three:

In this article, rising usually means planting, watering, and collecting the crops. If you you should not have the needed seeds, Carrots and Wheat can be purchased at Goofy’s Stall in Peaceful Meadow, even though Tomato seeds can be bought at Goofy’s stall in Dazzle Beach. 

As soon as you’ve planted all 3 crops and watered them, you can want to hold out for the create to develop, so don’t be scared to depart for a bit and appear again. The moment you decide all 3 plants, the barrier will vanish, and you can continue to the 3rd puzzle. 

Cooking Puzzle Alternative

This puzzle is the simplest. The tablet reads: “The remaining riddle, enable it be known: to cook dinner and eat what you have grown.” All you need to have to do is drop the Carrot, Wheat, and Tomato into the pot, which will make a Veggie Pasta. Then open up your menu, consume it, and voila, you are at the previous stage. 

Fishing Puzzle Remedy

The past puzzle in this quest chain is to capture the Orb of Ability making use of your fishing rod. Glimpse into the tiny pool at the base of the place, and find the orange air bubble circle. Cast your line out and fish the location to obtain the orb. To finish the quest, set the Orb of Power into the statue outside the cave

With Terrific Energy Quest Rewards

For finishing the With Good Energy quest, you can get 1,000 Dreamlight as a reward … and you can continue on on with the principal tale. 

That is our walkthrough manual for the With Fantastic Ability quest. For even more recommendations and walkthroughs, make absolutely sure to look at out our Disney Dreamlight Valley guides hub

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