Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Dream Shards

Like with any existence-sim, Disney Dreamlight Valley has loads of grinding in retail outlet to acquire means and merchandise. One particular of the far more elusive products because the game’s release has been Aspiration Shards, which are not just worthwhile but are also expected for a couple of distinct quests.

This is every little thing you need to have to know about acquiring Desire Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley.  

Exactly where to Find Dream Shards

Aspiration Shards are glowing pink crystals that will pop up from time to time, and there are currently 3 distinctive strategies of acquiring them. Keep in thoughts they are only an merchandise in your inventory after you accumulate them, so be watchful not to offer them off.

Distinct Night time Thorns

The initially and most straightforward way of receiving Dream Shards is only by clearing Night time Thorns, the purple vines that infest the different biomes of Dreamlight Valley. Each time you take away a thorn you will find a smaller likelihood it’ll drop a Dream Shard, but at some point, that choice will run dry.

When you initial start out the recreation, the principal regions will be infested with these vines, so you’ll in a natural way get Desire Shards as you crystal clear them out. At the time you have eradicated them, they will slowly but surely respawn. The very same can be explained for each individual new biome you open up up, this sort of as Dazzle Beach front and the Sunlit Plateau. Apparent out all of the Evening Thorns for easy goods. 

Feed Animals Their Favourite Meals

All of the tiny critters that operate all-around Dreamlight Valley, like Squirrels and Sea Turtles, can be fed, and each a person has a precise variety of food stuff it likes.

You can only feed an animal the moment a working day but every time you feed one its favorite foodstuff, there is certainly a opportunity it’s going to drop a Dream Shard. We have a tutorial going over each individual animal’s favourite foods

Dig Up Sparkling Ground

The 3rd and final way of acquiring Aspiration Shards is by digging up glowing sections of ground scattered through the environment. This process of obtaining Desire Shards has been included article-start.

Every single working day these sparkling places will spawn throughout Dreamlight Valley, and as with the two other approaches, you will find a probability (not a assurance) you’ll get a Desire Shard each time you dig one up.

How to Use Desire Shards

Desire Shards are necessary for specified quests, which include “The Curse,” so it truly is not a lousy concept to retailer some away in just one of your chests. That being mentioned, they can be applied in crafting to make two other useful goods.


  • Ten Desire Shards can be crafted into 250 Dreamlight, which is utilised to open up up new biomes and regions.
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  • 5 Evening Shards and two Desire Shards make a Purified Evening Shard, which can be gifted to a buddy for a sizable improve in friendship.
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Evening Shards are far more popular than Aspiration Shards and can be identified by eradicating thorns and digging. You should really be capable to come across at the very least a several Dream Shards each individual working day, so really don’t be worried to use them for crafting if you want a tiny raise to Dreamlight or Friendship. 

Now that you now how to get loads of Dream Shards, head to our Disney Dreamlight Valley guides hub for even more guidelines and aid. 

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