Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Forgotten Combination Walkthrough

Scrouge McDuck’s quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley mostly revolve all around the tycoon of marketplace building a successful small business enterprise and swimming in the revenue. Of course, he needs a position to retain all of that coin, which comes about to be a huge vault in the back again of his shop — which he are not able to don’t forget the mixture to for the reason that of all the Forgetting. 

Just after completing his Friendship Quest called “Shoppers Know Best,” in which you purchase a thing blue for Merlin, Scrooge will give you the quest called “A Forgotten Mix.” This responsibilities you with obtaining the missing six-quantity mixture to his vault.

This speedy Disney Dreamlight Valley walkthrough guideline will explain to you how to discover all 6 numbers in the Plaza and Tranquil Meadow. Scrooge gives you hints at the start off of A Forgotten Mixture, and even though we are going to give you the answers to those hints under, you may however require to interact with characters and spots to mark them as total for the quest. You won’t be able to use the mixture beforehand.

How to Full A Forgotten Blend

Trace 1: Request Goofy about his favourite working day.

The initially job is getting Goofy and inquiring him about his most loved day. Use the map to pinpoint his existing location, which is most likely someplace in the Tranquil Meadow, although he does enterprise into the Plaza and Remy’s Cafe if you’ve got opened it. Converse to him and pick out the option to inquire him about his preferred working day. It truly is May possibly 25th.

Hint 2: Acquire a bit o’fresh air in the Meadow and depend the ponds.

Walk close to the Peaceful Meadow to obtain 3 ponds:


  • 1 close to Goofy’s Property.
  • &#13

  • Two in the vicinity of Goofy’s Stall.
  • &#13

Trace 3: How several telescopes does a person wizard need to have to research the stars?

Go inside of Merlin’s property on the western edge of the Peaceful Meadow. There will be one telescope on the remaining side when you enter. 

A Overlooked Combination Safe Code

Now you know the safe and sound combination: 250531.

Return to Scrooge McDuck at his store, talk with him, and he’ll ask you the respond to to each of the hints. Decide on:


  • May possibly 25th.
  • &#13

  • 3.
  • &#13

  • Just 1 is more than enough.
  • &#13

Quest Rewards


  • 310 Friendship Details.
  • &#13

  • 500 Star Cash.
  • &#13

Which is everything you want to know about finishing Scrooge McDuck’s Friendship Quest, A Overlooked Mix. Cracking the risk-free code nets you a neat 500 Star Cash, and dependent on how welcoming you currently are with Scrooge, a several other benefits, far too. For more, head over to our Dreamlight Valley guides hub proper listed here.

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