Destiny 2: Without Remorse Shotgun God Roll Guide

The With no Remorse shotgun is a powerhouse among the Solar Exclusive Weapons and 1 of the ideal and most sought-after weapons from Future 2’s Period of the Haunted, up coming to the Calus Mini-Software and Stormchaser.

It gives fantastic stopping electricity, Vary, and perk alternatives for equally PvE and PvP, however you are very likely to get extra do the job out of it preventing the enemies of humanity than other Guardians. Irrespective, the rolls listed in this guide will be your go-to alternatives when farming for or crafting this weapon.

Without having Remorse Shotgun PvE God Roll

The Without having Regret Shotgun is a monster in the hands of a Photo voltaic 3. construct. Even for other factors, possessing an superb Solar shotgun helps make encounters in opposition to Solar shielded enemies much much more comfortable.

Barrel: Smoothbore, Smallbore

The Without having Remorse Shotgun’s a person weakness is its barrel selections. None of them are excellent on a shotgun, but a several of them are at least usable.

Smoothbore is likely your most effective wager, with its substantial buff to the weapon’s Array at the value of pellet spread. A lot more spread indicates less in PvE, wherever accuracy is a lot fewer crucial. Smallbore is a workable alternative with its extra modest bonuses to Vary and Security.

Journal: Assault Mag, Tactical Magazine

Assault Magazine is always a excellent preference for a shotgun, raising its fire charge and security. Extra damage in a shorter time on a gun that is much easier to control: gain/get.

Tactical Mag is an superb second preference, including a one round to the journal ahead of you run dry and providing a nice buff to each the weapon’s Balance and Reload Pace.

PvE Trait 1: Menace Detector, Nicely-Rounded

Risk Detector hasn’t been a meta decision for a long time now, but because of how typically you will be surrounded by enemies working with a shotgun and Solar 3., it’s a single of the greatest choices for the Without the need of Remorse.

If you can hold two or much more enemies close by, count on big boosts to Stability, Reload Velocity, and Handling. Well-Rounded is ideal employed when you have plenty of talents to spare and supplies virtually as significantly Stability and Handling as Danger Detector while also giving some excess Range.

PvE Trait 2: Incandescent, 1-Two Punch

Incandescent will never be a bad option for Solar 3., and with the quantity of explosions you’ll be resulting in employing Devoid of Remorse, anticipate numerous Ignitions from the Scorch you are going to distribute all around.

For a a lot more melee-targeted construct, A single-Two Punch can guarantee you deal huge damage with your upcoming melee, so extensive as you land a good hit with the shotgun initial.

Without having Regret Shotgun PvP God Roll

There are tons of terrific selections amid shotguns for Future 2 PvP, and With no Remorse is 1 extra to insert to that pile, presented you have the right perks.

Barrel: Rifled Barrel, Barrel Shroud

When you take a big strike to Handling with Rifled Barrel, the added Vary is tough to conquer and invitations a shotgun-initial, ask questions later on playstyle.

Barrel Shroud doesn’t do anything for the weapon’s Array, offering fantastic buffs to both Handling and Balance, necessary to quickly-paced shotgun gameplay.

Journal: Accurized Rounds, Assault Mag

Variety is pretty much generally the most vital stat to raise on a shotgun, and Accurized Rounds has no equivalent in that regard. Assault Mag’s improved fireplace rate and Stability buffs make for a wonderful second alternative.

PvP Trait 1: Hipfire Grip, Danger Detector

You’re not liable to be aiming down a shotgun’s sights far too frequently, so Hipfire Grip’s buffs to about each individual doable precision stat when hip firing just cannot be overestimated. Menace Detector is also a very good solution as it keeps your weapon readied even in chaotic circumstances.

PvP Trait 2: Elemental Capacitor, Fragile Concentrate

Elemental Capacitor is usually forgotten for a lot more problems-centric or flashier benefits. However, it has a use no make a difference which subclass you’re jogging. Reload Velocity for Solar, Handling for Arc, Security for Void, and Recoil handle for Stasis — there are no erroneous selections right here.

Fragile Concentration is terrific if you can catch an opponent by shock, as the enormous passive Assortment reward when undamaged is pretty pleasant.

Whichever you put on your Without Remorse shotgun, it’s certain to be a barnburner. The gun has a small little bit of all the things and is enjoyable to use in any scenario. We have covered other god rolls here, like the Austringer, Eyasluna, Cataclysmic, and Taipan-4fr. Look at out our Future 2 guides hub for a lot more.

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