Destiny 2: Roar of the Bear Rocket Launcher God Roll Guide

Iron Banner weapons have not always been the most effective version of their archetype, but the Roar of the Bear rocket launcher, reissued during Destiny 2‘s Season of Plunder, can be a single of the finest in the recreation. You can also concentrate on farm it employing Iron Banner engrams, and getting one of the god rolls presented in this guidebook will make the weapon into a monster no make any difference in which you use it.

Roar of the Bear Rocket Launcher PvE God Roll

There are numerous fantastic rocket launcher selections in Destiny 2, and Roar of the Bear can compete with most of them. Depending on your construct, it can be a person of the best alternatives in the video game.

Barrel: Swift Launch, Sensible Drift Handle

Projectile Velocity is paramount for rockets in all D2 information, as is weapon controllability. Rapid Launch presents a superior reward to Velocity and Dealing with, earning the weapon additional reliable to use and simpler to maintain out or place away. Sensible Drift Regulate doesn’t incorporate as a lot Velocity as Brief Launch does, but it offers an equal bonus to Security and Recoil, with more bonuses to handling.

Magazine: Effects Casing, Alloy Casing

Impression Casing is a excellent PvE alternative due to the fact you might be liable to be hitting targets straight, and it offers a destruction buff whenever you do so. It presents a superior little bit of Balance as nicely. Alloy Casing gets rid of some Security from Roar of the Bear but drastically raises its Reload Pace, ensuring your weapon normally has a missile ready to go even outside the house of a team setting.

PvE Trait 1: Ambitious Assasin, Impulse Amplifier

Not needing to reload is constantly speedier than reloading. With Bold Assassin, you can have up to two rockets in the tube as lengthy as you’ve defeated a single combatant ahead of reloading. Impulse Amplifier is an excellent next preference, as it provides much more Velocity and Reload Speed.

PvE Trait 2: Vorpal Weapon, Chain Response

With Vorpal Weapon, you have a passive problems bonus to any boss you damage, and it can mix with the Manager Spec mod for even far more. Chain Response is far more of an include-distinct perk, but if you want to use Roar of the Bear for more than just straight boss injury, it’s a robust option.

Roar of the Bear Rocket Launcher PvP God Roll

Though rocket launchers usually are not usually a best option in PvP, they can be a video game changer in the appropriate situation, obtaining an important decide or using out an normally frustrating enemy Guardian.


The PvE solutions perform nicely in PvP as nicely.

Magazine: Large-Velocity Rounds, Black Powder

Adding both of those projectile Velocity and Reload Velocity, Large-Velocity Rounds are a powerful alternative, helping guarantee your rockets get the kill you want. If you in some way manage to get a next rocket in PvP, you can have it completely ready a lot quicker. Black Powder could possibly drive Balance down a little bit, but the improve to Blast Radius can make the weapon eliminate much more regularly.

PvP Trait 1: Impulse Amplifier, Demolitionist

Impulse Amplifier remains an outstanding selection for PvP, minimizing the want to guide a target and building your weapon all the deadlier for it. Demolitionist is specifically practical for the Grenade skill regeneration, and if you discover a next rocket, utilizing that grenade will quickly reload the weapon.

PvP Trait 2: Vorpal Weapon, Incandescent

Enemy Supers are more potent than at any time in Destiny 2, and Vorpal Weapon supplies a sizeable bonus to the Roar of the Bear’s hurt against them. If you might be functioning a Photo voltaic 3. build in PvP, Incandescent can flip any enemy Guardian into a possible bomb, extending the lethality of this weapon over and above its original utilization.

When the Roar of the Bear god rolls offered below are the very best of the bunch, many others are practically as powerful, like Lasting Impression, Industry Prep, and other people. We have protected other god rolls here, such as the Eyasluna, the Taipan-4fr, and Calus Mini-Tool. Our Destiny 2 guides hub has much far more.

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