Destiny 2: Forging Iron Quest Walkthrough Guide

Forging Iron is the seasonal Iron Banner quest in Future 2 necessary for unlocking whole access to Lord Saladin’s seller inventory. As Saladin now delivers benefits on a popularity and engram procedure identical to all other distributors in the Tower, you may want to full this quest to farm Iron Banner weapon and armor rolls.

This Future 2 tutorial walks you through the Forging Iron quest stage by step and highlights some of the current bugs and issues to look at out for. 

How to Total the Forging Iron Quest

Ahead of we listing the methods to finishing this quest, it really is crucial to notice that Forging Iron is a buggy mess. Most players probably won’t have any hassle, but if you’re one particular of the unfortunate types, you may well expertise one particular of the pursuing difficulties:


  • The quest disappears from all figures. There is no way to resolve this situation if you experience it. You happen to be in all probability wonderful if you’ve got by now unlocked Saladin’s full inventory from Period of the Risen. If you haven’t, this bug could lock you out of rolling for all of Saladin’s inventory, and you can expect to will need to wait right up until the quest turns into obtainable yet again to get started more than.
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  • The quest is trapped at the “dress in Iron Banner armor” move (progression bug). Whilst this issue is frustrating, you can deal with it merely by unequipping all your Iron Banner equipment, participating in a one match, then placing all the gear back on.
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An additional notice: you will obtain substantially far more Iron Banner standing though you have up to five items of Iron Banner gear equipped. This listing incorporates Iron Banner universal ornaments, actual armor sets, and Iron Banner weapons. Placing on an Iron Banner emblem also increases standing gains.

Phase 1: Comprehensive an Iron Banner Match

Nothing complicated below. Head into both the Iron Banner Freelance playlist if you happen to be solo or the standard playlist if you might be in a team and complete a match. You do not will need to gain to development only arrive at the ending scoreboard.

Move 2: Complete a Daily Problem

Iron Banner Day-to-day Challenges usually are not hard to discover, but they are labeled oddly. Go into the Crucible display in the Director and hover in excess of the Iron Banner node. You will see the Problems section that mentions Weekly, but not Day by day, Difficulties. The textual content below is deceptive: finishing the range of matches mentioned is the Every day Obstacle, and the Weekly label refers to finishing all 4 of them.

In other words and phrases, the Daily Challenges in Iron Banner are to complete 3, 5, 7, and 12 overall matches. For Year of Plunder, you ought to use both an Arc or Stasis subclass to development them.

Move 3: Gain 300 Iron Banner Rank Details

Each individual match you complete in Iron Banner awards rank details, which enhance the a lot more you gain and the far more Iron Banner equipment you have outfitted. Three hundred factors sounds like a lot, but it is really about 5 matches if you’re on a losing streak and as few as 3 if you are carrying out perfectly. A reduction comes to about 50-60 points with equipment equipped, and a get is up to 120 or so.

Move 4: Acquire an Iron Banner Engram from Lord Saladin

Return to the Tower and communicate to Saladin, who waits in the centre of the place. You should see his engram lit up at the major correct of his vendor display. Assert it, and you are going to be ready to invest it and 100 Famous Shards to concentrate an Iron Banner weapon or armor piece from his stock.

Step 5: Total Iron Banner Matches with Iron Banner Equipment Outfitted

If you’ve been wearing Iron Banner armor this whole time, your task now is simply just to do so some additional right until you’ve got loaded this quest step’s progress bar to 100%. If you really don’t have any Iron Banner gear, be certain to emphasis some with the engrams Saladin presents. The extra parts you use, the a lot quicker development takes place, so get as considerably as probable.

Stage 6: Communicate to Lord Saladin

Head back to the Tower and converse to Saladin to finish the Forging Iron quest. At this stage, you need to have entry to most of his weapon and armor inventory, which you can concentrate on farm making use of his engrams, earned by getting reputation by means of taking part in matches.

That is all there is to the Forging Iron quest in Destiny 2. It is really a uncomplicated grind using you into one of the game’s key endgame PvP things to do, although it is fewer special now that there is no Power prerequisite. We have included quite a few other Future 2 subject areas in this article, which includes total walkthroughs of the Duality and Grasp of Avarice Dungeons and Dares of Eternity, among the many other guides. Our guides hub has it all.

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