Destiny 2: Duty Bound Auto Rifle God Roll Guide

Auto Rifles have always been in a bizarre place in Destiny 2. They’re not often the very best solution in any situation, but neither are they the worst alternative you could make. The Obligation Bound, a Dusk-distinct Legendary Auto reissued from way again in the Curse of Osiris enlargement, falls squarely in the “good but not great” category of an previously center-of-the-road weapon class. Equip it with any of the perks in this guide, nonetheless, and it can contend with some of the better weapons in most other categories.

Duty Bound Auto Rifle PvE God Roll

The PvE and PvP loadouts for the Obligation Bound share a large amount in widespread, so assume to use comparable rolls for each activity sorts. There are a handful of discrepancies, especially in the next Trait column, but the weapon is quite steady with a few of the possibilities presented below.

Barrel: Arrowhead Brake, Corkscrew Rifling

Picking between Arrowhead Brake and Corkscrew Rifling is hard as equally present great positive aspects. Arrowhead’s massive buff to your Recoil control alongside its modest Dealing with bonus is complicated to pass up.

Continue to, the total controllability offered by Corkscrew’s Handling, Balance, and Variety buffs are also properly really worth your time.

Journal: Accurized Rounds, Tactical Mag, Appended Magazine

Selection and controllability will usually be component of an Automobile Rifle’s downfall, and Accurized Rounds cuts into the to start with challenge very very well.

Tactical Mag is an great secondary possibility for its gentle raises to the rounds in your magazine, Security and Dealing with. Appended Magazine is a workable 3rd-tier alternative for its larger boost in journal size.

PvE Trait 1: Perpetual Motion, Stats for All

There is just about no weapon in Future 2 that does not advantage from Perpetual Motion. You get a modest reward to Stability, Handling, and Reload Pace after just a few seconds of movement. That buff triples right after ten seconds.

Stats for All features Assortment, Balance, Handling, and Reload Pace, delivered you can hit a few enemies in swift succession.

PvE Trait 2: Rampage, One particular-for-All

Rampage is a classic Destiny 2 perk, and it’s under no circumstances gone out of type. Speedily eliminate a few enemies for an up to 33% injury bonus to your weapon.

One particular-for-All is a more recent but no significantly less handy perk, providing a 35% damage bonus for 10 seconds just after hitting three individual enemies. Combine it with Stats for All, and who knows how effective you’ll be.

Duty Certain Automobile Rifle PvP God Roll

PvP with an Automobile Rifle is element situational consciousness, section purpose, element bravery. You are not usually going to gain an engagement at mid-vary where by your weapon excels, and do not expect to contend with Scout Rifles or SMGs at prolonged and close ranges, respectively. But with a little luck and a little bit of ability, you can dominate lobbies with the humble Responsibility Bound Auto.


The PvE choices get the job done great in PvP as nicely.


Your PvE options are ideal for PvP also.

PvP Trait 1: Perpetual Motion, Zen Second

Perpetual Motion stays a effective selection, as you are just about always likely to be on the shift, and the Steadiness, Managing, and Reload Pace buffs will continuously be energetic.

Zen Moment assists you remain on concentrate on with an expanding reduction to your recoil the additional damage you do to a concentrate on.

PvP Trait 2: Vorpal Weapon, Dynamic Sway Reduction

You will be surprised how significantly problems you can do to an enemy in their Super with a Vorpal Weapon-equipped key. With Responsibility Sure, you can do it from ranges most roaming Supers simply cannot instantly offer with, putting you at a unusual but not unwelcome edge.

Dynamic Sway Reduction boosts your gun precision the for a longer period you fire it, indicating you will be on concentrate on lengthier and more continually for most engagements.

Although Duty Certain isn’t the finest weapon in Destiny 2 or even the best in the Nightfall loot pool, if you handle to get your arms on it with the rolls presented in this guideline, it can compete with most other guns in the game.

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