Destiny 2: Doom of Chelchis King’s Fall Scout Rifle God Roll Guide

Coming with Future 2’s introduction to the typical King’s Drop Raid is a selection of new weapons and armor with distinctive perks and some of the most potent rolls in the game. The Doom of Chelchis Scout Rifle is a Void powerhouse with perk mixtures in no way prior to observed and relatively of a extra conventional bent.

It’s good in both PvE and PvP, and right here are the rolls you want for both of those, with major and secondary selections. 

Doom of Chelchis Scout Rifle PvE God Roll

There are a number of fantastic PvE rolls on the Doom of Chelchis, but just one stands earlier mentioned the rest for its opportunity and electrical power. If you really don’t control the very best, there are loads of regular possibilities as effectively.

Barrel: Arrowhead Brake, Corkscrew Rifling

Assortment is not a big problem with Scout Rifles: overall usability is substantially extra critical. Arrowhead Brake presents a solid raise to weapon Handling, creating it smoother to completely ready, stow, and use the Doom of Chelchis. Corkscrew Rifling is an fully acceptable alternate, offering a minor bit of Stability, Dealing with, and Range. That previous bit isn’t necessary, of course, but great to have all the similar.

Magazine: Accurized Rounds, Tactical Mag

There aren’t as many usability selections in the Doom of Chelchis’ journal assortment, so it will come down to Accurized Rounds and its very good raise to Vary or Tactical Mag’s Stability and Reload Velocity bonus. Tac Mag’s one particular further bullet means significantly less with the Runneth Over Origin Trait, as you can overflow the Doom of Chelchis’ magazine based on how a lot of teammates you have close to you.

PvE Trait 1: Firefly, Explosive Rounds

There is no explanation to just take anything significantly less than Firefly for your initially Trait on the Doom of Chelchis. The enormous Solar explosion on a precision get rid of and Outlaw-level buff to Reload Speed has normally built this Trait invaluable. If you simply cannot land Firefly, Explosive Rounds is a great secondary alternative, making sure far more steady injury at any assortment.

PvE Trait 2: Dragonfly, Frenzy

Consider oneself established if you can get your palms on a Firefly/Dragonfly Doom of Chelchis. The dual explosions can distinct full crews of trash mobs and stagger others soon after robbing them of 50 % their well being. Frenzy is a much more relaxed, if much less flashy, option, furnishing a 15% destruction boost and tremendous bonuses to both of those Dealing with and Reload Speed as extended as it’s active.

Doom of Chelchis Scout Rifle PvP God Roll

Scout Rifles have very long been in a strange put in Future 2 PvP, but the Doom of Chelchis fares far better than most other possibilities, primarily with the perks introduced here.


Equally PvE options do the job just high-quality in PvP.


PvE’s Magazine perks are terrific in PvP, as effectively.

PvP Trait 1: Explosive Rounds, Vorpal Weapon

Explosive Rounds are a terror in PvP, inflicting heavy flinch and shaking their victim’s monitor, which can throw off anyone’s aim. The further problems unaffected by array is a awesome bonus. Vorpal Weapon is much more situational in PvP, but additional problems from enemy Supers can be critical as far more and additional of them turn out to be tougher to offer with.

PvP Trait 2: Frenzy, Eye of the Storm

Injury buffs are always welcome in PvP, and whilst the Doom of Chelchis doesn’t have the likes of Swashbuckler or Kill Clip, Frenzy is a deserving substitute that activates irrespective of the vary of your engagement. Eye of the Storm is a excellent secondary selection, incorporating Handling and Precision as your health gets lower, encouraging make certain you occur out the victor in a contested engagement.

Receiving your arms on any of the rolls presented in this article will make your Doom of Chelchis a monster. Which you decide on relies upon on how you want to use the weapon, but even the extra regular possibilities are powerful in virtually any engagement. For additional god rolls, examine out our guides to the Taipan-4fr, Calus Mini-Device, and Forbearance. Our Destiny 2 guides hub has significantly more.

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