Demonfall Codes (October 2022) – Free potions & rewards!

Demonfall, as many players are aware, is based on the largely popular anime and manga of a similar name, Demon Slayer. What many players might not know, however, is that this experience offers a few codes that can be used to unlock various in-game freebies including potions, Muzan Blood, Breath Indict, and more! Use these codes to upgrade your character and ultimately work toward defending humanity or betraying it.

Though there hasn’t been a ton of codes released for this experience since its debut in April of 2020, that doesn’t mean that the ones that have been available are anything to scoff at. From Wipe Potions to Combat Potions, the codes listed below can give a much-needed bonus to a player in need! If you’re looking for even more freebies, be sure to check back with this article regularly—we update this list as soon as new codes release.

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All Demonfall Codes List

Updated October 5, 2022

No new Demonfall codes have been released for a while, but we’ll keep checking everyday!

Demonfall Codes (Working)

Here’s a look at all the working Demonfall codes

  • No current Demonfall codes!

Demonfall Codes (Expired)

Below are the codes for Demonfall that no longer work.

  • !update30—Redeem for 5 Wipe Potions, 5 Muzan Bloods, and 6 Breath Indict
  • !code 150KLIKES – Redeem for Combat Potion
  • !code TWITTER1 – Redeem for Wipe Potion
  • !code 100KLIKES – Redeem for Breath Indict and Muzan Blood
  • !code wipepotion – Redeem for Potion Wipe
  • !code resetpoints – Redeem for Points Reset

How to Redeem Demonfall Codes

It’s easy to redeem Demonfall codes for free rewards.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  • To start, launch Demonfall.
  • Then, paste each code exactly as written into the chat box in the top-left corner of the screen.
  • If the code is active and entered correctly, you should receive the prize attached to the code instantaneously.
  • Keep in mind, however, that, unlike most experiences that use codes, Demonfall doesn’t tell you if the code was successfully redeemed or expired, so you may need to do some digging around in the menus to confirm if the code worked.

How do I get more Demonfall codes?

Finding codes for Demonfall can be a bit tricky, as the experience doesn’t have a dedicated Twitter account, but it is possible! The best ways to stay up-to-date on the newest Demonfall codes are: checking back with this article regularly, following Rodrigo Fernandez, the owner of Fireheart Studio, the development team behind Demonfall, on Twitter, and by joining the Fireheart Studio Discord server. Codes and experience details are typically posted in the Discord before they’re publicly released anywhere else, so it’s best to keep your eyes there!

Why aren’t my Demonfall codes working?

Not all Roblox codes are active for the same amount of time, meaning some expire exceptionally quickly and may even become inactive after 24 hours or less! If you attempt to enter a code and it says Code Expired, that code is no longer active and, unfortunately, can no longer be redeemed. There’s nothing that you can do to fix this issue, the code is simply unobtainable. If you attempt to type in a code and it says Invalid Code, however, this means that you’ve likely mistyped the code or neglected to use the correct capitalization. If this happens, try to retype and re-enter the code once more, being sure to copy it exactly as it’s written!

What is Demonfall?

Demonfall is a challenging, anime role-play experience that allows players the chance to develop their own unique character and decide their fate inside of a massively expansive world and environment.

Demonfall is based on the anime Demon Slayer, so those who choose to step away from the path of light can enter the darkness and live as a demon, utilizing their unholy powers as they see fit. What outcome will you choose? Do you have what it takes to survive? Find out in Demonfall!

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