CS:GO skins have different hitboxes says player, causing P2W advantage

CS:GO skins have distinct hitbox sizes for headshots, claims one particular player of the definitive Valve FPS, indicating that gamers who use the purchasable Specialists skins can potentially obtain an unfair edge in the most well-liked competitive shooter on Steam.

The Professionals skins ended up extra to the Terrorist faction of CS:GO all the way again in 2012, and can be ordered from a wide range of CS:GO skin suppliers for price ranges averaging concerning $5 and $25 USD. Though in several situations the hitboxes on the Pros products are the very same as other CS:GO skins, there is an exception which could probably supply an unfair advantage to players employing the purchasable cosmetics.

Ansimist, a CS:GO player and YouTuber, has finished an comprehensive sequence of comparisons concerning hitboxes on diverse skins in the Steam shooter, and argues that the head hitbox of the Industry experts skins is 16.75% smaller than a single of the opposing Counter-Terrorist skin sets, the SAS. As complex as that may sound, if the conclusions of Ansimist are exact, it will just imply that shooting a user of the Specialists skins in the head is additional hard that taking pictures an SAS pores and skin person, creating a likely unfair disparity in between players who have and have not spent income on the optional skins.

In get to exhibit this, Ansimist shares a video whereby bullet unfold on CS:GO’s guns has been disabled, and they fire at precisely the exact same point on the head of an SAS pores and skin, adopted by a Qualified skin. The SAS pores and skin gets injury, while each and every bullet misses about the leading of the Expert pores and skin.

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On Twitter, Ansimist shares a spreadsheet they have compiled comparing head hitbox data in CS:GO, together with a method they have produced for calculating CS:GO head volumes. “I’ve usually assumed that CS:GO takes advantage of the very same hitbox group for all player versions,” Ansimist claims, “but turns out, there are some stability difficulties with it. I think that this measurement big difference isn’t appropriate for a competitive FPS these types of as CS:GO. This issue has existed for 7 years now, ever considering that the Reanimated hitbox update in 2015.” CS:GO’s upcoming substantial-scale aggressive tournament, The IEM Rio Significant, commences on October 31.

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