Charlie Puth to perform virtual concert in Roblox’s iHeartLand: Music Tycoon

Just a few weeks after his Fortnite debut, popular singer, songwriter, and producer Charlie Puth is stepping into the Roblox Metaverse. Most known for his 2015 collab with Wiz Khalifa “See You Again,” Puth is set to perform some of his biggest songs when he takes the virtual State Farm Park stage inside iHeartLand: Music Tycoon on Friday, Oct. 7, 2022, at 6pm CT. To watch this concert live, be sure to join the iHeartLand experience before 6pm CT on Oct. 7, or, if you’d prefer to catch a rerun, you can do so every hour on the hour until Oct. 9.

To many players’ disappointment, no Puth-themed free items have been announced or leaked in connection to this event at the time of this article’s publication. Instead, players can obtain the standard iHeartRadio-themed items that were added at the experience’s debut. Considering the fact that many players only attend Roblox events to claim the free items that they offer, iHeartRadio’s lack thereof for Puth is surprising.

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If/when more free items are added to this experience, we will update our existing guide on how to obtain them accordingly. In the meantime, players can check out some of the paid items that will be added to this experience, including Charlie Puth’s Tank Top, Charlie Puth’s Curly Hair Poof, Charlie Puth’s Gold Chain Necklace, and Charlie Puth’s Floating Music Notes.

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