Blossom Tales II: The Minotaur Prince Review – Another Blooming Adventure

Modern homages to classic online video game titles generally go a single of two means: They either stick shut to the gameplay conventions to which they are having to pay tribute, or they expand the primary games’ designs in significant and ground breaking approaches. Blossom Tales II: The Minotaur Prince, like its 2017 predecessor, is more the previous than the latter, adhering carefully to the basic Legend of Zelda blueprint, most notably that of A Hyperlink to the Past. In spite of this absence of innovation, Blossom Tales II however manages to seize several of the acclaimed components of what numerous take into account to be one particular of the biggest video clip video games of all time, and in the system, delivers a pleasurable, retro-dealing with adventure worthy of embarking on.

After player-character Lily accidentally unleashes the Minotaur King, who quickly kidnaps her brother, a new dark age looms except if she can set a halt to the monstrous mythological monarch. To do so, she should depart the ease and comfort of Blossomdale to trek by pirate-infested swamplands, ghost-haunted mansions, and a monster-loaded desert. I really like how each individual biome provides distinct worries and enemies to get over, and the exploration generally feels pure and intuitive, top you from one particular display to the up coming. I not often felt shed for the duration of my playthrough, which is a testomony to the style and design of the open entire world and the dungeons therein.

However, inspite of my satisfaction of the exploration, I hardly ever felt sufficiently rewarded for poking all over each individual nook and cranny. Treasure supplied for finishing even the most hard caverns is usually gold coins, of which I by now had a lot more than I could shell out. On scarce occasions, I received a coronary heart piece to assistance me get paid additional well being, but individuals ended up so rare (and you will need four of them to include to your max overall health) that it was minimally fascinating. Nevertheless, that did not quit me from bombing every cracked wall, collecting just about every product, and fishing every pond.

Blossom Tales II carries on the series’ hallmark of perfectly-crafted dungeon ordeals. Considerably like the globe, the game’s dungeons flow perfectly from room to place, and give you the suitable variety of clues to progress with out significantly irritation. Even though a late labyrinth is most likely my favored thanks to its powerful blend of challenging overcome and head-scratching puzzles, the dungeons attribute great style involving minecart tracks, changing water concentrations, and more.

Blossom Tales II’s simple battle lacks the sophistication and smoothness of other top-down action video games, but it makes up for it by giving you a wealth of products and powerups. Genre mainstays like a bow, boomerang, and bombs show up in your inventory early on, even though a yo-yo that functions like a hookshot and a guitar on which you enjoy spell-inducing tunes do extra than nod at the Zelda series. These objects are utilized in intriguing and enjoyable techniques, even though I was less excited about how generally I necessary to pause the motion and map a distinct item to the face buttons.


The story works by using an unreliable narrator convention as it’s explained to to kids Lily and Chrys, who also provide as the two main characters of the journey. On event, the young children will struggle in excess of what they want to happen, and it’s up to you to make your mind up what to do. Nevertheless I delight in remaining able to select what variety of enemies I necessary to combat or puzzle I desired to resolve on celebration, the one of a kind storytelling design is underutilized and relegated to only insignificant selections.

Blossom Tales II does minor to hide its Zelda inspiration from the participant. Even though it does not attain the heights of Nintendo’s legendary franchise, it does clean over quite a few of the early-‘90s structure conventions present in video games like A Hyperlink to the Earlier to supply an journey capable to be appreciated by gamers of all ages and expertise levels. Blossom Tales II is a improved sport than its predecessor, and I hope we continue on to get far more adventures from Lily, Chrys, and their grandpa in the future.

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