Bethesda revives servers for 20-year-old FPS in rare instance of a corporation being cool

Typically when a sport studio tends to make an official announcement about servers, it’s terrible news. Whole generations of multiplayer game titles have currently gone the way of the dodo: currently being routinely decommissioned as they get on in yrs and cannot justify the effort and hard work to hold on the web anymore. If you’re fortunate, a band of focused followers will preserve a great activity alive with private servers.

These was the case of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, a beloved class-based mostly FPS built by Splash Problems as a standalone enlargement to Return to Castle Wolfenstein. In a rare occasion of excellent server information, Bethesda has spun up new committed servers for Enemy Territory showcasing its six first maps and a entirely vanilla ruleset. As of April, the game is also on Steam (opens in new tab) for totally free.

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