Atomic Heart: everything we know

Next to nobody had heard of Atomic Heart before it dropped a disturbing, explosive trailer in May 2018. It quickly became one of the most anticipated games we know the least about.

Its inspirations are varied: you’ll spot flashes of Metro, BioShock, Nier: Automata and Stalker in its art and gameplay, while the world is a product of both Russian sci-fi and the experiences of the Mundfish dev team, some of whom grew up in Russia. But what do you actually get when you mix all of those influences together? Here’s everything we know about Atomic Heart.

When is Atomic Heart’s release date?

Currently, Atomic Heart is set to release this winter. It’s unclear whether that’ll be in 2022 or 2023, as Atomic Heart’s release plans have been very fluid the last few months, to say the least. While the release window was originally set and later confirmed as being in late 2022, a recent announcement that Atomic Heart would now be published by Focus Interactive described the game as “initially planned for 2022.” Similarly, its Steam page has changed from an explicit 2022 release date to the more vague “this Winter.” The implication seems to be that we should expect Atomic Heart in 2023.

Whenever Atomic Heart hits, it’ll be a day one release for Xbox Game Pass, and hopefully Game Pass for PC too.

Here’s the latest Atomic Heart combat trailer

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