Apex Legends player finds strategy to block gravity cannons that’s so simple, it’s brilliant

Storm Point’s gravity cannons are a two-edged sword in Apex Legends. Certain, they’re a wonderful way to promptly traverse huge distances on the game’s largest map. But they can also be a little bit of a loss of life entice if a team takes place to be ready for you to land on the other facet.

Of training course, if you are shedding a fight and have no other choice, a gravity cannon escape can be your greatest choice, and the workforce your combating may well consider two times about trying to chase you, looking at they’ll be at a drawback when they land, momentarily surprised in put and out in the open up. That’s why protecting against an escape on gravity cannons can be so essential when you’re striving to seize a pair kills.

There’s a few ways you can cease a player from obtaining absent on a gravity cannon after they’ve already activated it, like with Ash’s arc snare. A single Valkyrie player came up with a unique way, nonetheless, that is so very simple it is genius: just use your head.

Reddit user freethebes had a team on the ropes on Storm Stage, with their enemies striving to escape by having the gravity cannon at Thunder Watch back down to Storm Catcher. Pondering immediately, freethebes utilised Valk’s VTOL Jets to fly up and immediately into the route of the gravity cannon. A couple bonks later, and freethebes and their squad got by themselves a cost-free eliminate.

Due to the fact enemy character versions can’t move by each and every other, the enemy bounces off of the Valkyrie character model. But they preserve the identical momentum they obtained from applying the gravity cannon, sending them flying up substantial in a in close proximity to-vertical trajectory, given that the gravity cannon would typically shoot them ahead at a steep upwards-angle, and they then bounce off what amounts to a surface area perpendicular to the ground.

It’s not rocket science, but it is these types of an obvious remedy that quite a few players may well not have thought of right before that they can now add to their possess gravity cannon shenanigans. Just remember: objects in front of the gravity cannon are nearer than they seem.

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