A huge nerf to one of Destiny 2’s most powerful exotics got left off today’s patch notes

This fiery hat all but rendered gamers invincible… till now. (Graphic credit score: Bungie)

Titan mains, it could possibly be time to dangle up your favourite hat. Adhering to a hotfix that rolled out to Future 2 earlier nowadays, players began noticing that the Loreley Splendor Helm was no extended functioning as it had pre-patch. In truth, it appeared to have eaten a substantial nerf. The text for the item’s principal perk continue to reads: “When you are critically wounded with comprehensive class skill energy or when you forged a Barricade, build a Sunspot at your spot that has enhanced restoration results.” 

Sunspots are like welcoming bonfires that recover you and pace up capability regen. Previously, the Sunspots that Loreley forged when you took a substantial volume of destruction granted Restoration x2. Nevertheless, following the Hotfix they only grant Restoration x1. As there was originally no mention of a harmony alter in the patch notes, several assumed this was both a stealth nerf by Bungie or a bug. As it turns out, it was an supposed modify that was just remaining out by incident.

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