3 Questions To Ask Your IT Support Professionals

When you run a business, you want to have the best possible support options at your fingertips. While many support websites will ask you to “click here for more support information,” your best approach is to be more direct when it comes to hiring your IT support staff. Whether you hire your staff directly or you utilize a professional hiring service, there are certain questions you must ask potential IT support professionals if you want to have the right people in place.

3 Questions To Ask Your IT Support Professionals

What Platforms Have You Worked In?

Most IT support professionals have extensive experience with all of the major platforms your company uses. When you ask this sort of question, you are looking for the hands-on experience a technician has with the platforms that you use. A certified technician does not necessarily work every day on the platforms for which they are certified. You want practical experience that will keep your organization up and running.

What Platforms Are You Certified For?

Some software manufacturers require you to hire certified technicians to be able to get the support and regular updates you need for your platforms. In these instances, you need to hire technicians who have taken the time to become certified and will satisfy your software developer criteria. You should ask about any practical experience to go along with those certifications because, as we discussed earlier, some technicians do very little work on the platforms for which they are certified.

How Do You Stay Up To Date On The Latest Technology?

Certified technicians receive regular technology updates that allow them to understand current trends. It would be beneficial to your organization to find support technicians who love their jobs, and go that extra mile to stay updated on as many types of software platforms as possible. Technicians who regularly go to seminars and read industry literature are going to have more comprehensive ideas on how to use technology to your company’s advantage.

When you are hiring IT support personnel, it is important to make the right decisions. You want to find personnel that will be able to support your current systems, but also be able to understand new technology as it becomes available. By asking the right questions of your IT support personnel candidates, you can put together a staff that will put your company in a good position for the future.

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