3 Benefits of Going Paperless

In the digital age, going paperless has become easier than ever. Whether you are a businessperson or student, reducing the number of paper documents you need to physically print, store and carry around with you is not only great for your back, it’s also great for the environment and your wallet.

3 Benefits of Going Paperless

Getting Started

The first step to going paperless is to find an electronic document management system that is compatible with your current electronic devices. Since this application is going to print and convert your documents into PDFs, you’ll want to ensure you have a PDF reader handy. Otherwise, consider adopting a document manager that has a built-in PDF viewer. Then, take some time to get comfortable with your new system. The most user-friendly managers simply require you to press print, but it’s still a good idea to ensure the application operates as intended.

Going Paperless is Great for the Environment

When you reduce or eliminate printing on paper, you are helping the environment. Since you’re creating less paper waste, there’s less waste that needs to be recycled, and because you are using less amounts of paper, less paper needs to be manufactured thanks to this new drop in demand. Sometimes drops in demand lead to cheaper prices, so in the cases when you absolutely must print on paper, that paper could very well be less expensive.

Going Paperless Reduces Storage Space Needed

In business sectors, like accounting and medical, where printing massive amounts of documents and forms is normal, going paperless offers the gift of less crowded shelves and emptier filing cabinets. A document management system allows you to scan and convert files and images into digital versions, and then, edit and annotate them digitally. When necessary, sign those documents and forms electronically, and thanks to email and electronic faxing, from your manager, you can transmit them without printing further reducing the amount of physical storage space previously needed.

Going Paperless Saves You Money

Printing on paper requires a printer that needs to be maintained and paper. When you convert to an electronic document manager, you’ll purchase less paper, ink and toner, and that saves you money. Additionally, you’ll save on storage costs because you’ll need less file folders, bins and boxes.

Going paperless today is easier than ever and it provides great benefits like reduced costs, less storage space and a healthier environment.

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