2019 Booga Booga Codes (October 2022)

In a land filled with dangers and wild creatures that can kill you, you will need to survive as a cave person until you have crafted your way to being the apex predator in 2019 Booga Booga. However, the elements and wild animals are not the only things you should fear; other players in this game can raid you and steal your resources, so invite your friends into this game and start a tribe!

The codes you can claim in 2019 Booga Booga will give you the in-game currency of Coins. Use Coins to buy resources and even armor and weapons to protect yourself or hunt animals. These codes are great for a first-time player who needs a boost.

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All 2019 Booga Booga Codes List

Updated October 12, 2022

Survived an attack from a rival tribe to save these codes!

2019 Booga Booga Codes (Working)

  • 5000Likes—Claim code for Rebirth (New)
  • 2MVisits—Claim code for 300 Coin

2019 Booga Booga Codes (Expired)

  • 4000Likes—Claim code for rewards
  • 1MVisits—Claim code for rewards
  • 2500Likes—Claim code for rewards
  • 3000Likes—Claim code for rewards
  • 10000Favorites—Claim code for rewards

2019 Booga Booga FAQ

Here’s everything you need to know regarding 2019 Booga Booga codes.

How to redeem 2019 Booga Booga codes

To redeem 2019 Booga Booga codes is easy; follow our instructions below.

Redeem code text box for Roblox 2019 Booga Booga
Image by Pro Game Guides
  1. Launch 2019 Booga Booga on Roblox.
  2. Click on the Treasure Box icon on the left-hand side of the screen or press the z key.
  3. Enter the code into the Enter Code text box at the bottom of the menu.
  4. Click on the REDEEM button to claim your reward.

How can you get more 2019 Booga Booga codes?

To get the latest 2019 Booga Booga codes from the developer Gang O’ Fries Entertainment, join their Booga Booga Discord Server. Here at Pro Game Guides, we have all the latest code drops from the developer, so be sure to bookmark this page and often return to find all your free rewards! 

Why aren’t my 2019 Booga Booga codes working?

There could be several reasons your 2019 Booga Booga codes aren’t working. First, these codes may be expired; like most other Roblox experiences, codes are time-sensitive and can expire in a few days. Claim the codes as soon as possible from our working list and never miss out on another freebie. The codes may be mistyped into the text box; copy and paste the codes from our list to avoid making any mistakes before you click the REDEEM button.

How to equip items in 2019 Booga Booga?

It’s effortless to equip items to your avatar in 2019 Booga Booga. Once you have harvested material or found an item that could be useful, you will have the option of equipping that item to your avatar. First, click on the backpack item on the top right-hand side of the screen. The backpack icon is your inventory, and in the list, you will find smaller tabs that you can click on to take you to items that are either for crafting or for use to gather other resources in the world. Next, click on the item you want to equip, and a green box will indicate that it is now attached to your avatar.

What is a 2019 Booga Booga game?

2019 Booga Booga is a survival game. Build and craft resources in an open world to keep your avatar alive and safe from predators, the elements, and other players in the game. You will start with nothing in this game, and you will have to build yourself a shelter and harvest food and materials to survive. Can you make the most extensive base in the game and create the most prominent tribe to craft your way to the top of these leaderboards?

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