100T Closer happy for ‘easy Worlds group’ but big fear looms

Can “Closer” Çelik is undoubtedly happy LCS runners-up 100 Intruders pulled what he believes is the “easiest group” in the 2022 Entire world Championship primary phase, but the Turkish jungler is by now worrying about a single big fear that comes with the quick street at League’s most important tourney.

That concern: 100 Robbers could slide to past place in “easy” Group D.

There have been small celebrations in the 100 Intruders camp when North America’s second seed dodged terrifying groups like A⁠—where LCS champs C9 will experience T1 and EDG⁠—and Group B, the team’s Turkish star told Travis Gafford.

But, virtually as quickly as the smiles faded, Nearer begun wondering about what would come about to 100 Intruders and the LCS if they by some means unsuccessful to place on a superior clearly show.

Image by using ESPAT for Riot Video games

“We are undoubtedly happy,” Closer said. “We have the least difficult team of all the teams [at Worlds], but… it will be extremely embarrassing if we shed. We could lose to the Traveling Oysters,” the 100 Robbers star reported.

There’s also the problem of which League contender will be part of them in groups. All indications issue to it currently being MSI champs Royal Never ever Give Up. RNG have been seeded into Team B in Play-Ins, and have to conqueror teams from Korea, Vietnam, Europe, Turkey, and Argentina to proceed. They are odds on favorites to control that and land in Group D in the key phase along with 100 Intruders.

China and Korea are complicated, but Closer is only thrilled to commence.

“We have Gen.G [in the group] and likely RNG, so I feel it’s going to be quite pleasurable in the team,” he claimed, right before pointing to Gen.G’s celebrity mid laner Chovy as 1 star he’s hunting forward to experiencing. “I want to see how excellent he seriously is.”

Photograph by means of ESPAT for Riot Video games

Even prior to the Globe Championship begins in earnest in Mexico Metropolis on Thursday, Sept. 29, Nearer and 100 Robbers are already commencing the League grind.

As opposed to in decades earlier, most teams are foregoing a Korean bootcamp in September to journey to possibly the States or Mexico ahead of the huge occasion. Quite a few wildcard groups are by now taking part in on significant-amount NA servers and LCK and LPL groups are expected to follow match quickly also. Nearer is keen to exam his mettle from them.

“We are training… we will not go to Korea, but we’re working,” he said.

The hope, he included, is that each main star descends on the server in the subsequent two months. Riot Video games is opening Champions Queue for the League heavyweights, which should really only carry the elite server for good quality exercise.

“If Faker ends up enjoying on Champions Queue, that will be really great,” he said. “Like FACEIT in CS:GO. It will be extremely great if all Worlds execs finish up actively playing there.”

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